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NETVISIONSOFT is a Romanian privately-owned company, established in 2002 in order to develop and implement software solutions that covers the various needs of the business environment. The quality of the products and the openness to new, presents NETVISIONSOFT as a company of the future in the field of information technology.

With a team of young and dynamic professionals, NETVISIONSOFT answered promptly to requests received from national and international companies, offering high-performance software solutions.

Providing products based on latest technologies and implementing them successfully, NETVISIOSOFT demonstrates that is as a company that has as its fundamental principle the designing and creating of high quality products folded on its clients necessities, becoming a reliable partner in the development of its clients.


PROFESSIONALISM – we’ve always managed to successfully complete complex software implementations, in the service of our clients with the most modern solutions at international standards. We like to come up with new ideas, innovative approaches, to combine creativity with practical experience and theoretical knowledge necessary to find the best solutions.

ATTITUDE – good collaboration relations with clients were strengthened on the basis of accurate and proactive attitude from us. Customer Feedback is an essential element for continuous improvement of the quality and diversity of our services.

By using a single integrated software platform that has specific modules for each individual department (accounting, human resources, payroll, partners, inventory, and production work, shop sale, document management, workflow, customer relationship management, business intelligence) we obtain efficiency for the activities within the client company;

Through centralized and fully automatic management of all electronic documents of the Organization is offering quick and secure access to information; Note-the Elimination of redundant work;
Through detailed monitoring and controlling of material and human resources allocated to each activity and through reduction of the data processing times is obtained the reduction of expenses;

Through the implementation of automated circuits of electronic documents, any information will arrive automatically to those members directly interested in consulting or edit this information. So is generated a tighter collaboration between members of the organization;

Through the possibility of direct consultation of the "Common Fund of knowledge" is obtained a correct planning of the resources allocated to new activities. The application records all important events conducted during the development of a paper, which will be a source of inspiration for all future actions of the organization;
By ensuring the parallel management of multiple locations/working points.

TECHNOLOGY – represents a priority for us. Through continuous investments we are looking to provide our employees with the latest technologies, so that they can always provide improved products and services, at the technological level of the moment.

FLEXIBILITY – we provide a wide range of software products perfectly adapted to our customers wishes. At their request, we are able to modify our products in the shortest time, so changes made during an implementations do not affect the project as a whole. We respect our clients and adapt to their needs.

ADAPTABILITY – modification of products and services in accordance with the requirements imposed by the legislation in force.