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Consulting and training

NETVISIONSOFT consultants analyzes business processes within the client company, prepare customer specification and set of necessary configuration for the implementation of the solution within the client's company.
In the first phase is presented the standard solution, which will be further developed as a personalized solution. Proceeding this way in order for the customer representatives to understand the functionality of the solution that will be implemented, before starting the analysis sessions. At the end of this meeting, it is necessary that all participants to have a common vision of the solution.

During the sessions, representatives of NETVISIONSOFT take client’s company team demands gradually. Basically, at this point is made an overall planning of training activities, defining the scenarios for each process that will be implemented in the system.

The NETVISIONSOFT development team, understanding the business needs of our clients, can achieve functional adaptations and extensions of the program, based on client’s specific requirements. Will be detailed the business processes within the Organization, also shall be analyzed the changes required by the client after the implementation of the new computer system.

NETVISIONSOFT consultants analyze the specifics of the company's client business, providing implementation and optimization.

Implementation teams shall determine what information will be migrated from the existing applications in the system implemented, as well as data migration strategy.