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Implementation and maintenance

The methodology of implementation, along with dedicated software tools and services management staff, ensures a rapid and efficient deployment of solutions, ensuring response times at all the requirements arising from the ante and post implementation. Depending on the field of activity, size and degree of adaptability regarding the company, you can choose a specific typology implementation, to ensure an optimum operation of the system.

After completion of the project implementation and the crossing of software application into operation, between vendor and the customer is signed a contract for maintenance and support.

Maintenance includes updates to new versions of software solutions that bring functional improvements, corrections of the program and legislative updates.

Each customer receives an annual maintenance contract on the basis of which access to new versions of the product. Maintenance is absolutely necessary because the needs that arise along with the business development and the software industry's development can no longer be satisfied by outdated functionality of software solutions. This fact can make necessary the changing of the whole software system, which would be much more costly than paying the monthly maintenance.