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The workshop module provides the necessary information support for well functioning of a workshop (car service): managing fleet records, defining the processes needed for auto service operations, the management of scheduale for repairs, tracking of repair orders, the history of operations performed for each car, clients management, tracking contracts for each insurance company individually.


  • defining partners and configuring the fleet owned by them;
  • defining a list of repair codes, norms, technological processes;
  • defining types of service contracts (Service, Warranty, PDI);
  • generating initial estimate;
  • price policy management for labor and hours;
  • tracking service contracts according to various criteria;
  • managing the exchange rates necessary for billing the labour and the used parts;
  • booking the materials in stock for the work orders;
  • generating purchase orders for items that are not in stock;
  • tracking the historical of performed operations for each car;
  • customer balance situation;
  • managing issued invoices;
  • labor productivity tracking.


  • initial and final working estimate;
  • fleet centralizing;
  • the situation of orders (billed, not invoiced);
  • the consumption per work order (centralized and detailed);
  • the situation of hours worked/billed and materials consumed/billed;
  • the history of repairs on cars.

Workshop Programmer

- allows organization and tracking of service schedule, according to human resources and technology available, with the following features:

  • introducing programming on workshops;
  • displaying appointments according to their status;
  • displaying scheduling in service in the form of graphics or list;
  • displaying the list of commands that should be scheduled;
  • configuring working time and resources for each workshop;
  • introducing absents and days off;
  • mutidimensional report generator.