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Document Management System

To streamline the activities of the company is important that working with documents and information to be fast, predictable and secure. In this way, flows of activities are considerably improved, the costs of handling the information are reduced, a correct traceability of documents and a better structuring of the information is guaranteed. All these can offer to the management a better control of processes.

A Document Management System is a software system (or a set of software applications) that provides, as a general rule, the storage capacity, version control, security, metadata, indexing and retrieval of documents.

Document management systems and electronic archiving ensures:

  • document versioning for traceability;
  • centralized storage of electronic documents;
  • backup unit for all documents;
  • modeling/monitoring/control of workflows in the organization;
  • electronic archiving of documents.

The advantages of implementing
a Management Documents System

increased scrutiny of the activities of the organization - providing support to management team for internal and business decisions.

improving collaboration between departments of the organization - by internal transfer of information, knowledge, ideas; automation of certain activities in order to reduce the time allocated to them.

operating costs reduction - by reducing times for approval/endorsement of internal requests (reports, requests, etc.), for searching documents and storage costs.

improve the quality of the services - by delivering the necessary documents at the specified time.

reducing bureaucracy in the organization/improving customer relationships - offering the possibility to respond more quickly to customers (the documents are available immediately).

enhanced data security - the authorized users can access only specific documents for specific actions; also is offered the possibility of archiving electronic information.

natively integrated with net.ERP modules.