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Document management

Document management module allows the recording of documents in the system-both, those generated within the organization and external documents received from persons/institutions; the module also allows the automatically assigning of registration numbers generated from the Registry module.


  • adding documents in the system.
  • integration - the module integrates with other existing software systems, so that users can retrieve documents directly from the container document.
  • scanning - generally involves processing paper documents using scanners or multifunction printers. Often is used optical character recognition - OCR - for converting images into text.
  • metadata - refers to the process of defining the attributes of the document, which are stored in the database and will be used for document retrieval.
  • indexing - using indexes and a database capable of handling large indexes is essential for fast retrieval of documents. Indexing is done especially to sustain and support fast search of documents and must be performed by search criteria.
  • electronic storing of documents - by their nature, document management systems can use large and very large storage capacity, also database systems capable of managing large volumes of data. Central storage of documents provide a back-up unit all documents managed by the system.
  • document management control - is the process of defining the different types of access to different users.
  • search and access to documents - the retrieval of documents that meet certain criteria.