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net.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

net.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) optimizes the access and usage of information, allowing to authorize persons to obtain the necessary data in proper format and real time. This fact can offer to the client company an important advantage on targeted markets.

net.ERP features

Integrated solution – all modules are fully integrated into the system.

Scalable – application performance remain the same, regardless of the number of active users or workload database.

Easy to use. Accessible – the graphical interface, extremely friendly, was conceived to provide a rapid assimilation of the modules, regardless of the level of training of the user.

Multiple security levels – you can define access rights to information, according to each user's position within the organization. The system has four levels of security that can be handled only by the system administrator:

  • network level - any user will need to have the right to work in the network to gain access to system data;
  • database level – to users with the right to work in the network will have to be given the rights to the database servers to be able to access the information in the system;
  • application level – to users that can access the database, will be assigned rights on system modules depending on the tasks they have to perform;
  • data set level – different users can access different sequences of information from the data base.

Client / Server technology – this architecture, adopted by most competitive solutions on the market, has a few major features:

  • simultaneous access to a database for multiple users without blocking;
  • ensures data and transactions integrity;
  • possibility of obtaining multidimensional information;
  • data and system protection against unauthorized access attempts;
  • ensure data security with automatic mechanisms of daily back-up and archiving.