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net.Supply module allows organizing and tracking the flow of specific purchasing activities, namely: establishing the necessary materials, generating purchase orders based on the amount of necessary materials, tracking the purchase orders until the arrival of materials, the reception of materials and booking (if applicable) for orders that have generated the necessary materials.


  • determining the amount of materials that result from:
    • stock analysis parameters (current stock is under critical stock);
    • analyzing the Materials Preparing Sheet for works/production;
    • the sales orders that contains items which are not in stock;
    • it is possible to generate manually the necessary materials.
  • generate purchase orders based on demand supply;
  • following up the purchase orders until the receipt of the articles;
  • reception and distribution (if any) of the incoming materials, depending on the cause that generated the materials requirement;
  • following-up the coefficient for the frequency with which are used the items in stock;
  • tracking the stock rotation coefficient;
  • tracking the stock parameters (critical stock, optimal stock, maximum stock).

The system automatically alerts the ordered items that already exist in the stock. The purpose of this action is to avoid the exceeding of “maximum stock” parameter, for those articles.