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Organizing the company with the help of income/expense centers, types of activities, budgets, contracts (works) and projects, allow an efficient and intuitive tracking of expenditure and revenue.

net.Budgets offers the possibility of detailing the profit component, of supervising the factors that lead to the company's results, of determining targets on departments and of tracking the financial performance for a contract (draft).

Being integrated with all net.ERP modules and collecting information about the distribution of expenses/income from production, service, sales, leasing, assets, accounting, net.Budgets provide a true picture of the company's financial results.


  • defining the income/expense centers;
  • defining types of income/expense;
  • establishing budgets for each center;
  • distribution of effective income/expense for each income/expense Center and type of income/expense, highlighting the current stage vs. the estimated budget;
  • following-up the revenue and expense of various activities;
  • tracking estimated vs. accomplished;
  • information are collected from real data, being downloaded in the budget structure;
  • changing a budget through a budgetary revision if this is necessary;


  • estimated vs. accomplished;
  • budget sheet;
  • sheet of income/expense center;