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net.Finance component adapts to any type of organization, regardless of size, structure and complexity of the business activities in which it operates. You can obtain at any time the financial statements required in analytic and/or synthetic level, respecting the legislation in force.


  • user friendly interface;
  • the application works in a multi-company system. It can simultaneously manage information from several companies;
  • g/l accounts can be hierarchic detailed, on multi-analytical/sub-analytical levels;
  • g/l accounts can be defined in RON or foreign currency;
  • relationship management of payment – cash and bank type;
  • manages different V.A.T. rates;
  • generates automatic closing of revenue and expense;
  • generates automatic closing of V.A.T.;
  • allows registration compensations/revaluation for partners;
  • allows taking-over the accounting notes from other modules after their validation;
  • facilitates the intuitive tracking of money transfers by visualizing the account statement;
  • allows introducing and monitoring foreign exchange rates and currencies;
  • facilitates the operative tracking of the company's financial situation;
  • facilitates defining fees and gathering their automatic;
  • facilitates defining payment instruments/relations (cash desk, banks, statements).

Reports that comply with the legislation:

  • analytic/synthetic balance with the ability to select the period/group of accounts;
  • accounting journal, inventory book, book;
  • account record;
  • analytic account record (registrations related to third parties);
  • cash/bank journal;
  • receipts/payments journal;
  • customers/suppliers invoices reports.