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net.Mechanization module allows: fleet organization, tracking related costs by using Vehicle Log Sheet for cars and the Machinery Worksheets for machinery, distributing these costs in the corresponding budgets.


  • allows you to define/search for cars and machinery;
  • allows tracking transport costs and equipment needed to perform a work:
    • based on detailed Vehicle log Sheets for transports;
    • based on detailed Machinery Worksheets for machinery;
  • each machine shall be classified according to the group which belongs to (small mechanization, large mechanization, transport, internal transport for stuff);
  • maintenance costs of the machinery (fuel, spare parts, revisions, insurance) will be introduced on each machinery/work/workstation (if the case);
  • system allows analyzes with the following information: work (workstation)/grouping of equipment/the machine identification number/period/equipment files);
  • equipment depreciation are distributed in proportion to each work - proportionally, according to: hours/kilometers from the equipment file.