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This module allows you to track the flow of production and the flow of associated documents for each work/order separately.


  • defining and organizing works;
  • defining and organizing internal orders;
  • defining items breakdown;
  • defining fabrication technologies;
  • order analysis – the estimation of the necessary resources for carrying out the order/work;
  • production’s preparation - stocktaking for determining the supply needs, launching and tracking of supplying orders, booking materials in stock, planning the consumption tickets;
  • launching the orders into production;
  • tracking production orders and works in progress;
  • production report;
  • determining the cost of products, which includes the value of materials, direct and indirect costs, labor, profit;
  • direct costs calculation for each of the manufacturing orders;
  • series can be defined (unique codes) for each finished product. This allows tracking of resources allocated to each of the finished product in the event of multiple units of the same finished product;
  • separate management of unfinished products, both in terms of accounting and inventory;
  • reporting module contains:
    • the estimation of necessary resources for carrying out the work/finished product;
    • the situation of the actual resources (consumed resources) at a specific time/period;
    • summaries and other reports necessary for a complete analysis.