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Through this module can be carried out all the operations related to the management of human resources and employees within a company (the algorithms of calculation for salaries are fully configured via a specifically designed module; at the same time, it keeps a history of changes made to the calculation formulas in order to have a full picture for the whole period of use).

Human Resources

  • employee information (code, name, surname, address, telephone, etc.);
  • configuring employees incomes;
  • search employees;
  • periodical evaluation of the employee's competences.


  • the payroll for employees with employment record book;
  • legal holiday;
  • medical leaves;
  • calculation of personal income;
  • daily time check sheets;
  • other advantages (mobile phones, gasoline, etc.)
  • wages payroll, the report of the amounts due to the state, payslips;
  • civil conventions;
  • management of collaboration contracts;
  • payments to contributors;
  • contributor’s wages payroll.


  • fiscal declaration;
  • automatic generation of the accounting statements for the state budget;
  • social security statement (Annex 1.1 and Annex 1.2);
  • unemployment statement;
  • managing mobile phone invoices;
  • importing the phone invoices from electronically format;
  • association between phone expense and persons concerned;


  • the program is adaptable to legislative changes;
  • update of calculation algorithms, information about company etc.