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This module provides a comprehensive and flexible management of stocks concerning raw materials and finished products. Being able to manage the entire flow of inventory control (reception, booking, confirmation, transfer, adjust) this module allows tracking the evolution in time for consumption of materials, based on their transactions.


  • defining workstation and management;
  • configuration of operations between managed records, inventory-related documents;
  • defining, classifying and organizing the items from the stock;
  • quick visualization of the information associated with an article;
  • advanced options for searching/identifying articles and related documents;
  • quantitative and qualitative management of the stock;
  • tracking the movement of stock;
  • internal codes of the items can be correlated with corresponding codes defined by suppliers;
  • the definition of product series (unique codes that identify each item separately);
  • the opportunity to work with multiple units of measure for the same;
  • automatic control of stock levels;
  • managing the storage locations of items;
  • controlling the flow of operating documents;
  • preparing a document (rescue system without causing the stock movement);
  • approval (signature) of the document by the supervisor;
  • the validation of the document (which produces also the stock change);
  • stock transaction management (inputs, outputs, transfers, adjustments, inventories);
  • transferring data in accounting after verification and validation;
  • automatic generation of accounting documents;
  • mechanism of booking products in stock;
  • tracking the flow motion of the article in stock;
  • the allocation of the products on works/internal orders;
  • stock booking;
  • dynamic generator of reports and specific analysis.