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net.Sales module is designed to simplify the sales process by managing trade policies and sales orders.


  • defining policies of sale;
  • discount for groups of partners;
  • discount for groups of products;
  • organizing clients depending on the policy of sale/purchase;
  • organizing on sales partners;
  • organizing the classification of items on sales groups;
  • defining reference prices (the price at which the addition is applied depending on the commercial sale group of the product and the customer's selling group) for each item separately:
    • the reference price can be defined in the foreign currency and RON;
    • the system automatically warns if a purchase is made at higher prices than the reference price (for foreign currency or RON) and automatically updates the reference price, if applicable.

net.Sales module is connected with net.Stock application, thus providing information about:

  • the situation of existing stocks;
  • stock indicators (minimum stock, critical stock, maximum stock);
  • the stock without moving for a certain period of time;
  • multidimensional analysis considering the sales situation;
  • tracking customers in terms of sales volume, of granted credit, offering opportunities for warning and blocking in case of exceeding of the limits provided;
  • generating lists of prices for each customer group.